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Welcome to our free online theory course for car theory.
You can view this course for free. If you have questions about the course, you can ask our facebook group. For example, have you received a question at the CBR and do you not understand it? Or is our text not clear? Or are you missing something and would you like us to supplement it? Ask your question there and we will answer it as quickly and clearly as possible.

The theory course consists of exactly the same chapters and order as the CBR. Simply click on a chapter that you want to follow and start learning your car theory for free.

Unfortunately, you will not find test exams in the free course.
If you still want to practice, you can buy our paid course. From € 5.99 you can practice all our exams with lots of CBR exam questions.
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The latest update to this theory course dates from January 2, 20120, at 5.00 PM.

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What do you get when you order the premium theory course for the car??

  • More the 60 exams
  • Your own private teacher 24 hours a day
  • Unlimited practice all exams for 3 days € 4,99
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  • Unlimited practice all exams for 2 weeks € 12,50
  • Unlimited practice all exams for 1 month €19,50

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