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Theory for the car?

With us you are at the right place. We currently have 4 options for you.

  • Our free online course. This course does not contain test exams.
  • Our Premium online course. From 5.99 you can practice all our exams unlimited. With us no 1.40 per exam or so. No, you get access to all our exam questions and you can keep repeating them!
  • Our Home Theory. This is exactly the same course as the day course. But then much more extensive. And “live and directly” delivered to your home or wherever in the world you wanna follow the course.
  • Our famous day course. With this course you will come to us in 1 of our theory classrooms spread throughout the Netherlands. In the morning you learn the theory and in the afternoon you take the exam at the CBR.
  • If you order our Home Theory or a day course, you will get the online course for free!

Premium Theory Course

This course includes unlimited practice of all our test exams.
You can follow this course from € 5.99.
With this course you can ask us all your questions via WhatsApp. So you also get your own private teacher.
We are constantly up-to-date with the latest CBR exam questions and process them constantly in our test exams.

This course is free

if you order a day course or Home Theory from us, you will get the paid course online for free!

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Free online theory course

This course is completely free and you can take the course by clicking on the link on the right.

How does the exam goes at the CBR?

The traffic rules for the car are the same as for the motorcycle, the only difference is in some vehicle knowledge.

The theory exam for the car consists of 65 questions:

  • Hazard recognition consists of 25 questions of which at least 13 must be answered correctly.
  • Knowledge consists of 12 questions of which you must answer at least 10 correctly.
  • Insight consists of 28 questions of which you must answer at least 25 correctly.

You succeed when you complete all three parts with a satisfactory result.
The minimum age to take the theory test for the car is 16 years.

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Home theory course for the car

What is home theory


Home Theory is the same theory course that you will see if you would follow a day course. But … more extensive and with a lot of CBR Exam questions that you can already go through at home.
You also follow the course at home in the Netherlands or anywhere in the world, on vacation, on the couch, on the beach, in the garden … In short, wherever you want you can follow our theory course.

Is the course “live” and “directly”

Hell yes. We provide every Home Theory course all over again. Just like you would get with us in class.
The big difference is that this course is much quieter and less stressed than a day course in the classroom. After all, there is no time pressure to be at the CBR on time.
The big difference is that this course is much quieter and less stressed than a day course in the classroom.

What do i need to follow the HOME THEORY?

You can follow the course on a telephone, tablet, PC or laptop. Of course you must have internet at your disposal. That can be WIFI, but you can also take the course outside with 4G.

From what time to what time is the theory course

During the weekend the course starts at 1 p.m. We do not use a fixed end time. The end time varies per course. Sometimes more questions are asked than the next. Most courses end somewhere between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.

The course starts on weekdays at 5 p.m. Here too we do not have a fixed end time. Assume that the theory course ends between 10 p.m. and midnight.

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