The theory test at the CBR

For many people it is unclear how things are going at the CBR. Hence this explanation. We hope this page will help you. If something is not clear, ask your question in our forum. You can also post all your experiences with the CBR and all exam questions that you can remember in our forum. That way, it also benefits someone else.

cbr-balie Theorie-examen auto bij het CBR

What do you bring to the Theory Test?

Take a valid proof of identity and your reservation number with you to your theory exam. This number is in the e-mail that you have received. It is handy to take your reservation number with you on paper. You are only allowed to bring your identity card in the exam room. You must put the rest of your things in the locker. Also your jacket, telephone, backpack. Everything has to go in there.

cbr-lokaal Theorie-examen auto bij het CBR

How is the theorty test?

The theory exam consists of 3 parts:

  • Hazard recognition, 25 questions
  • Knowledge. 12 questions
  • Insight 28 questions

You answer the questions on a computer. Do you want to know exactly all the topics of the theory exam? Then take one of our courses!

How long does the test take?

You have 30 minutes for the regular theory exam.
For the theory exam with extra time and the individually supervised exam you both get 45 minutes.
You can reserve the exams yourself on or let us make the reservation.

How many mistakes can you have?

The Hazard Recognition component consists of 25 questions, 13 of which you must answer correctly.
The knowledge section consists of 12 questions, 10 of which you must answer correctly.
The insight section consists of 28 questions, 25 of which you must answer correctly.
With the knowledge and insight components you will also receive 2 test questions in total.
You will have around 20 minutes for these 40 questions. This is sufficient, but if you need more time, book an exam with extra time at the CBR.

At the CBR

Make sure you reach the exam center fifteen minutes in advance. Follow these steps at the exam center:

1. Register at the registration column

Enter your reservation number and check your details. This number is in the e-mail that you have received.

2. Your belongings in the locker

Put all your belonging in a locker, except your proof of identity.

3. Wait till it is your turn

Wait in the waiting room and follow the instructions on the screens. You will then see your reservation number with a status behind it:

  • ‘Aangemeld’ means: you are registered for the exam. You will be called as soon as there is room.
  • ‘Spullen in de locker’ means: it’s almost your turn. If all goes well, you have already put all your things in your locker before. Except your proof of identity. Check this one more time.
  • ‘Ga naar start examen’ means: it’s your turn. Sign up at the counter ‘Start examen’.

4. Check in at the counter‘start examen’

Here an employee checks your proof of identity and you get your table number. If you take an exam with extra time, you will also get the earplugs here. Forget the employee to give you the earplugs ask for it!

5. The test

Take a seat in the exam room at the table with the correct table number. Put your proof of identity on the table and enter your reservation number. Check if your e-mail address is correct and then choose “Start”. Follow the instructions on the screen. Do not press START until you are ready for the exam. The time will only start after you press START. You have 3 minutes for that.

Always answer the questions that you immediately know. Skip the difficult questions and save them for later.

6. End of the test

You will receive the results immediately after the exam.

cbr-geslaagd Theorie-examen auto bij het CBR

cbr-gezakt Theorie-examen auto bij het CBR

7. Leave the exam room and get your things out of the locker. You can go home now.

The result

The CBR will send the result of your exam via e-mail within 24 hours. This is only possible if you have entered your email address correctly.

Did you pass?

Then your result is valid for 1.5 years.

Have you failed?

In the e-mail, the CBR tells you which subjects you should pay extra attention to when learning for your next theory exam. You have little to nothing for this because each category has hundreds of questions. That way you don’t know what you did wrong.

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