Driver of a motor vehicle

The driver of a motor vehicle is any person in charge of a motor vehicle, or where the motor vehicle in question is one requiring a category B, C, D or E license or where the
vehicle has dual controls and the driver is giving driving tuition or conducting an official driving test.

The driver of an microcar, brommobiel in Dutch, is also considered as a driver of a motor vehicle.

If you have driving lessons or driving test in a car, you are the actual driver. Your driving instructor or examiner is then the legal driver. They are therefore responsible and liable for what you do.
If you have driving lessons or driving test on a motorcycle, you are the actual and legal driver. So if something goes wrong, you are responsible and not your driving instructor or examiner.
A person who briefly holds the steering wheel as a passenger or applies the handbrake is also regarded as a de facto and legal driver.