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Do you need a Dutch driving license for car or motorcycle?

Before you can take the practical exam, you must first pass the theory test. The Dutch theory exam is not as easy as in many other countries. Even for Dutch people it is not so easy to pass the theory test with a success rate of far below 50 percent.
For foreigners, the success rate is even below 30 percent. You wanna join the group who needs to do the test over and over again? Or do you think yourself: “These boys have more than 25 years of experience in training for the theory exam. Better I go learn the tricks to succeed with their learning method.” That will be a good choice. And of course the incredibly low course price of 69 euros. This is the best price you can find. Furthermore: Also the best course you will find!

How it works?

We offer our courses via a live video connection. If you have ordered a course you are entitled to two access codes to our conference room.
During and before the course you are entitled to our full guidance and you can ask us anything. Service is important to us and service is what we deliver!

On this page we try to provide as much information as possible. If your questions are not answered, you can ask us anything.

How do i order a theorycourse?

First you choose a date in the order module above. After that you click on “bestellen”
Sorry for the Dutch word, “Bestellen” means : Order now.
After you clicked on “bestellen”, you will come to the check-out page. I am sorry, but this page is totally in Dutch. Ask someone to help you with this or use Google Translate.
You can pay for your course with iDeal, Paypal or any creditcard.

What is the price of a theory course?

You can believe it or not, but we offer the theory course for 89 euros. Both for car or motorcycle theory.
If you think this expensive, please check for the price with our colleagues 🙂

Wanna get a discount?

If you order the theory course for more than 1 person you will receive a discount of 25% each.

If yoy order both the course and a theory exam you get a 25 euros doscount. Ask for the discount code!

At what time the course starts?

The course starts at 17.00 on weekdays. We do not use a fixed end time. Assume that the theory course ends between 10 pm and midnight.

In the weekends the course starts at 13.00. We do not use a fixed end time. The end time varies per course. Sometimes more questions are asked than at other times.


How do i make a reservation for the theory test?

You reserve the theory exam yourself at the cbr. On this page you will find a description in Dutch of how to reserve the exam at the cbr.

If you find it too complicated to reserve the theory exam, we can also reserve the exam for an amount of €59,99. For more information about the reservation of a theory test, also if you need to us a interpreter, see this page

Do I have to learn in advance?

Its up to you. We know from our experience that more than 80 percent of the students learn nothing at all in advance.
We think it is wise if you already know the traffic signs well in advance. This page offers a theory course online. At this moment is is in Dutch, but with Google Translate you can easy translate the course in any language. Also you will find a forum in English on to ask all your questions.

If someone feels the need to help translate the online course into English, you are more than welcome 🙂



What do I need to be able to follow the course?

Internet. That is one. That can be Wifi, but can also be 4G.
And further you can follow the course on your phone, laptop, tablet or PC. Many of our students connect their laptop to the TV and then follow the course from the couch or elsewhere 1f642 Home Also you can follow our course in any part of the world. So if you are still in Asia, USA or wherever you are…. you can join our classroom.


Is the course 'live'?

Off course it is. After you ordered the course you will get a personalized access code to the course.

With this code you have access to our classroom. Of course we provide the course “live” every time.

The only thing is that for the motorcycle course we will send you a link to a half hour video with some things that are different. In the Netherlands the CBR has a database of over 6000! test questions. Almost all the questions for the car and the motorcycle are the same. Only the different questions we provide in the video.


How many times i can take the course?

If you have paid us, you can take the course 1 time. But before the date of the course you can ask us anything about the theory and sudy our online course for free!

What happens if you dont pass the test?

If you do not pass after our course you can join the course again for FREE.  And again where our competitors asking for a refund of 50 till 100 % we offer you the course for free. We offer a 1000% success guarantee!



When is the theory test?

If you order a course, the course is without the theory test. You have to make the reservations for the test by yourself.

Only for the car you can order a theory exam in English at the cbr. If you want to order a theory exam in another language or for the motorcycle in English, you must do this through us or via a driving school. You can not reserve those exams yourself.

My questions are not answered

On this page we try to provide as much information as possible. If your questions are not answered, you can ask us anything.
Our preference is that you call, or send us a Whatsapp at +31618191881 or +31621357457. The best time to call us is from 17.00 to 04.00 CET.




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