5 day car theory course


5 day car theory course

Order your 5 day theory course for the car theory exam on this page.

The 5-day theory course is online and we will give you all the help you need to succeed

Do you not want to take the course in 5 days? Then order our crash course. You can choose the start date yourself.

Our course includes our online video course for the car. Inclusive means that immediately after ordering the 5-day theory course you will have access to our video course up to and including the day of your theory exam!

When and from what time to what time is the theory course?

You have access every day of the course from 00:01 to 24:00.. Each lesson lasts at least 2 hours. The course is 5 days in a row. At the top of this page you can see the course start date.

Why is the 5 day theory course MUCH better than a normal day course?

A day crash course in a classroom lasts approximately 3 hours.
Our 5 day course lasts 5 x minimum 2 hours!
During a crash course in a classroom, you are already thinking about the theory exam that you will do after this course. ( If there is made an appointment by the CBR for you…) That does not promote your concentration.
We explain EVERYTHING you need to know about the theory and not just a few hundred exam questions.
With us you can ask everything you want to know about the theory during the lessons. Logical too, because with us you don’t have to fly to the CBR after 3 hours of class!
With us, more than 90 percent of the students pass. With most crash course providers in a classroom, the success rate is often less than 50 percent! Do not you believe me? That is possible. Click on this link to view the official success rates of the CBR and let yourself be surprised. Those who say the loudest on their website that you have a 99.9 percent chance of success don’t even make it to 50 percent!

What happens after ordering?

If you order the 5 day theory course you will receive an email from us in which you will see 5 different links for the 5 different course days. On day 1 you click on the link for day, on day 2 you click on the link for day 2 and so on.
You will also have access to our video course. We strongly recommend that you also take the video course. Your chance of success with this combination is as good as 100 percent.


Of course. Everything is explained and you can ask all your questions directly to us via a live video connection.
I know that there are also so-called live providers where you can see a recorded course of about 3 hours. We cannot be compared to this at all. It is not for nothing that more than 90 percent of our students pass at the CBR!

What is our online theory course?

The 5 day theory course is the same theory course that you will see if you would follow a day course in a classroom. But… of course much more extensive and with a lot of CBR Exam questions!
You will also follow the course at home, on vacation, on the couch, on the beach, in the garden…. In short, you can follow our theory course wherever you want.

What do I need?

You can follow the course on a phone, tablet, PC or laptop. Of course you must have internet access. That can be WIFI, but you can also follow the course outside with 5G.
A camera is helpful, but not required. A microphone is required, otherwise you can’t answer 🙂

Can I also get private lessons?

Naturally. Therefore you click in the menu on car theory private lessons.

I have dyslexia.

Then this 5 day course is perfect. Everything will be explained at a leisurely pace and also in understandable language.

How do I order and pay for the course?

In the order module on top of this page, choose your date on which you want to start the theory course.
On the order form you also fill in the date on which you take the theory exam at the CBR. Until this date you will also have access to the video course.
If you have chosen the date on which you want to start the theory course, click on order and pay for the theory course.

What is the price of our 5 day theory course?

A 5 day theory course costs 169 euros. Is that expensive? Most crasd courses in a classroom will cost you about 99 euros. You will get about 3 hours of lessons for this. And you also have to be present somewhere between 06.00 and 07.00. You are then with between 10 and 50 people in a claassroom without the possibility to ask questions.
With us, the course lasts longer and you have plenty of time to ask questions. Plus you can follow the course at home, or wherever you want. Plus you get our video course with lots of exam questions for free. Do you still think it is expensive? That’s possible…. Then find some people who also want to follow the course and you will receive an extra discount! If you follow the course with 2 persons, the discount is € 20.00 for each person. If you order the course for 3 or more persons, the discount is € 40.00 for each person.