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Once a car is registered in your name, the car must be insured.

The car must be at least WA insured. WA means third-party liability. In case of damage, the damage will then be compensated to the other party. The insured person himself will not receive any compensation.

If you find third-party insurance too limited, you have two other choices. The first is third-party insurance plus limited hull. Also called WA plus.
This insurance covers the same as a third-party insurance, but also pays for damages such as broken windows, theft (limited) auto-ignition and damage caused by stray wildlife, parts falling from aircraft, etc.

The third option is full hull insurance. In other words, All-Risk insurance. The name actually says it all. This insurance covers all damage caused to the vehicle, even if it is due to your own fault.

A car must be insured by law. But this does not mean that an insurance company will always pay for the damage. In some cases, the insurance is not valid (anymore). This means that you have to compensate the other party for the damage yourself, which can cost quite a few euros. Especially if physical injury is also involved. Among other things, insurance companies cannot pay out:

  • If you do not hold a valid B driving license.
  • If you are found to have drunk too much alcohol.
  • If you have used another narcotic, or certain medications.
  • If you participated in a competition.
  • In case of concealment. If an insured person has concealed something that is in the interest of the insurance (e.g. a decent claims history, ex-convict, ever had a driving disqualification,disqualification from driving etc.), the insurer will either not pay out, or will indemnify the other party and recover the damages paid from you. In addition, the insurer will have the option of cancelling the insurance retroactively and/or imposing a fine through the courts.
  • If it turns out that the vehicle was not APK (MOT) approved.

As you can see, it is unwise for your own wallet not to adhere to these points. Keep in mind that if you are not insured and cause an accident, it will pretty much ruin your future!

If it turns out after an accident that the seat belt was not used, there is also the possibility that an insurance company will not reimburse medical expenses!