Vehicle knowledge
Traffic signs and signals


The right of way on a roundabout is basically unregulated. If nothing is indicated, traffic on the roundabout has no priority. However, in 99 per cent of roundabouts, the right of way is regulated, by means of give-way markings or traffic signs. In the latter case, traffic on the roundabout has priority.

If there is a cycle lane in front of the roundabout, you need to pay extra attention. Sometimes there are shark signs in front of the cycle path and sometimes not. That’s to make it more clear in the Netherlands. Not so 🙂

When approaching a roundabout, you are not obliged to drive on the right as much as possible. If you want to go 3/4 around a roundabout, for example, it’s better to drive in the left lane.

Indicating direction to the left is not compulsory when entering a roundabout. However, it is compulsory to signal to the right when leaving a roundabout.

If the approach road consists of two or more lanes, indicating the direction of travel is of course compulsory for the lateral movement. The indication must stop as soon as the lateral movement has been made.

On and immediately before a roundabout, drivers of motor vehicles and drivers of mopeds following the carriageway are allowed to drive other than in the right-hand lane and are also allowed to overtake on the right.

When leaving a roundabout, you let drivers such as cyclists and moped riders and also pedestrians who remain on the roundabout go ahead.

There are also roundabouts. usually outside built-up areas, where a separate bicycle, or bicycle/moped path has been constructed at a distance from the roundabout. In that case, shark markings are often attached to the bicycle or bicycle/moped path. In that case, drivers leaving the roundabout do not let cyclists and moped riders pass.

Article 47 of the RVV:
Drivers of motor vehicles and moped riders following the carriageway are permitted to drive other than on the right side of the carriageway immediately before or on roundabouts.

Article 48 of the RVV:
Drivers are allowed to overtake on the right just before or on roundabouts.

To make it a little bit more clear what it is like to let cyclists and mopeds pass when approaching and leaving a roundabout, I made the video below.