Vehicle equipment and design, the loading and towing of the vehicles – Introduction

tow a motorcycle

Legal requirements of a car and trailer

A car and a trailer must meet all kinds of legal requirements in the various traffic laws. Most of these rules apply to both the owner of the car, but also apply to the driver of the car. You can read about which rules these are in the following paragraphs.

Towing and loading

You can put a lot of luggage in a car. However, if you have to transport a long load or if you have to transport too much luggage, you have more options to transport the luggage:
On the car, for example a roof rack or a ski box.
Behind the car, on the tow bar (bicycle carrier)
Behind the car, with a trailer
When you go on holiday, a (folding) caravan
You also have the option to tow another car.
How you transport luggage is not important as long as you distribute the weight of the load well and ensure that the car or trailer is not overloaded. In addition, the load or parts of the load may not have sharp parts that could pose a risk of physical injury to other road users in the event of a collision. This does not apply if this load or parts of the load are higher than two meters above the road surface. You must load the car or trailer in such a way that the load or parts of the load cannot fall on the road surface, if necessary you must shield the load with a net.