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Light Educational Measure Alcohol and Traffic (LEMA)

This compulsory course can be imposed on you if a police check shows you have been driving with alcohol. The aim of the course is to stop you driving under the influence. And that you can get back on the road safely as soon as possible. For yourself and your fellow road users. Because driving with alcohol on is very dangerous.

This course is compulsory for the following people:

  • For experienced drivers who have driven with a blood-alcohol level between 0.8 and 1.0.
  • For new drivers who have driven with a blood-alcohol level between 0.5 and 0.8.

A new driver is at this blood-alcohol level after only 2 or 3 glasses of alcoholic drink. For an experienced driver, this is after 4 or 5 glasses of alcoholic drink. As you can see, driving with a few glasses of liquor at point 1 can be an expensive joke. But more importantly, driving with alcohol on can be life-threatening.

There is also a course on alcohol and traffic for people who have had a higher blood-alcohol level. You can read more about this course on the next page. If you are convicted for the second time for driving with too much alcohol or drugs, or convicted for a combination of both drink and drugs behind the wheel, your driving license will automatically become invalid. You will then no longer be allowed to drive a motor vehicle. Then the ‘Recidivism rules for alcohol and drugs’ apply. You can read more about this later in the course.

This course costs about €800.
You may continue driving during the course. It is also possible that the judge or public prosecutor has imposed a driving ban. Then, of course, you will not be allowed to drive.

If you do not take this compulsory course, your driving license will be invalidated and you will obviously not be allowed to drive again.