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Information about hazard perception

During the exam you will be asked 25 questions related to hazard perception. You have 8 seconds to answer each question and you must answer at least 13 questions correctly. The questions will also not be read if you have chosen an exam with extra time. You only have to choose from: BRAKES |  RELEASE THE ACCELERATOR | NOTHING.

To stay with the last CBR answer: NOTHING; You can actually make a lot of mistakes to still pass the hazard part. After our video course, or live lessons, more than 95 percent pass the hazard perception part. Yet many people get stressed when it comes to hazard perception. If you want to practice hazard perception, you must purchase a video course, or our live course.

Are you still unsure about hazard perception, I have made 3 different lists for you with when to brake, release the accelerator or do nothing.

When do you choose to brake?

  • Animals that (want to) cross the carriageway
  • To avoid a collision
  • If you have to give priority
  • At an orange traffic light at a great distance
  • Children on the carriageway
  • Children playing close to the carriageway
  • A ball, balloon, a kite or other children’s toys. Usually the CBR only shows some parked cars in a image with a ball or balloon
  • For pedestrians who don’t look your way and want to cross the road
  • An oncoming truck on a narrow road
  • A speed bump right in front of you
  • Obscure junctions
  • Blind curves

When do you choose to release the accelerator?

  • A speed bump far away
  • An oncoming car far away
  • To make room for a car merging on the motorway
  • To make room for a car that overtakes you
  • For cyclists without oncoming traffic
  • With pedestrians looking your way
  • On snowy road surfaces

When do you choose to do nothing?

  • If you don’t see anything special, you don’t do anything
  • If you drive 10, 15 or 20 you usually do nothing, unless you have to of course

Finally, hazard perception is not difficult. Off course, all your answers depend on the driven speed. If you have gone through the tips and taken the mock exams, you will definitely pass this part. You probably didn’t get all the questions right, but about 20 correct should do the trick.

Practice our mock tests

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